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I am always encouraged by the number of people who reach out to me asking how they can help their friends. I often direct them to my blog because they can find advice to pass along on many different subjects. This is a crucial place to start because unless someone is going to actually listen to what you have to say, your advice will not be effective. This is SO important. Unless a person feels heard and understood, they will never trust the advice you are giving. You must take time to gain an understanding of where they are coming from.

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Dear Amy: I have a really good friend who is having some personal issues. She asks me for help and asks for advice, but she won’t follow it. I wasn’t too sure if I was giving her good advice, so I had another friend talk to her about it, but she still doesn’t seem to respond to it. I just don’t understand why she won’t act on my advice. I do ask her how she feels about my advice, but it’s like I’m talking to myself. She’ll just change the subject.

Our plan for this post is simple, we’re going to give you our two-cent answers for However, my issue is this, his deceased wife’s daughter. in a relationship with a widow or widower you cannot give professional advice.

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Here’s What 15 Relationship Experts Can Teach Us About Love

Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. As human beings, we need to support each other and be there for one other. Despite our differences in what makes us upset or what we truly want, we need each other to get through any setbacks or current struggles. But generalizing is risky.

Here’re the best relationship advice websites that encourage you to ask about difficulties with your significant other, and give you smart and thoughtful answers. answers relationship, sex, and dating questions in a lighthearted and married couples who are struggling with their relationship problems.

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When it comes to relationships, ignorance is definitely not bliss. You are dealing with your own thoughts, emotions, and past experiences, of course—but you’re also dealing with those of another person. The more information you have about relationship dynamics, the more tools you can stash into your proverbial belt to make your ‘ship sail smoothly. That’s where the growing crop of Instagram therapists comes in: These trending experts can help you navigate the rough waters of modern relationships, by explaining concepts you may not be familiar with see: attachments styles and giving you sound advice for how to deal, from arguing effectively to managing expectations.

Stay away from giving advice. Two things happen when we give our brilliant advice. One, we make the implication that we problem-solve better.

Nothing appears to be going right. The worst part? No one gets it, even though they might claim to. Even though you know this is all temporary—it always is—you feel the need to ask other people what you should do. Think back real hard—what in particular helped or irked you about advice people gave you? Did they tell you to stop feeling sorry for yourself because other people have bigger problems? Did they offer some platitudes or cliche advice that sounded impossible to follow? When friends have problems that seem incurable and never-ending, you can sense that hopelessness.

And even if other people have much larger problems, we still dwell on our own because what matters, in that moment, is how we feel. Realizing this is key to delivering good advice. The best way to be a friend is to enable both what they want to do and what they need to do. Want: tell the story repeatedly, as if they can change how they feel if they just talk about it enough. Need: work through it and let it go. You can likely still empathize on some level.

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Whether you’re single and looking, dating around, or are in a committed relationship, getting love advice from people you trust can help put your love dilemmas into perspective. After all, they’ve been there, they somewhat know what you’re going through, and they just want whatever is best and will make you happy. Relationships with a romantic partner can be the single greatest thing in the world, as well as the single most frustrating.

The funny thing is, when it comes to matters of the heart, people around you suddenly turn into love gurus who have no problem giving you their insight — no matter how bad it may be. When we want something to work out so bad, we’ll try to receive any form of help necessary to make it work. Because of that, I talked to 13 love experts, ranging from relationship therapists to matchmakers and more, on the best pieces of love advice they’ve learned or give their clients.

Free relationship advice is just what you need when you’re new to the dating game. Resources are on this website for parents, as well, to give them advice about how The book addresses the emotional issues of a marriage like talking and.

I hear from hundreds of people every month from around the world, and many of these folks are generous, positive, and well-meaning individuals. They often offer fascinating ideas and comments, and aim to be helpful in doing so. But as is true with much in life, there are two sides to every story. As an example of this, I have a neighbor who I see every few weeks and every time she sees me, she feels the need to offer me all sorts of advice on all things pertaining to my personal and professional life, even though she knows virtually nothing about me, and has no frame of reference or experience to understand my life.

In contemplating exactly why these types of conversations with her and with others who feel the need to advise without knowing me at all are so irritating, I got to thinking about how I perceive these experiences, and how my clients feel about them too. People who want to tell you what to do without having any grasp of what makes you tick are generally just needing to hear themselves talk.

Most likely, whatever the advice-giver has to say will be irrelevant and outdated, given how the world works today. When I ask what happened, they often share that the advisor began advising steps and strategies that seemed to be entirely disconnected to what this client indicated she wanted and needed. I had this experience myself years ago before I engaged in a successful career reinvention from corporate VP to therapist and coach where the first career counselor I went to indicated that, because my assessment tests showed I had an aptitude in marketing, I should continue to pursue marketing as a profession.

The reality was that that I desperately wanted out of that profession, and could never have had the happiness and reward I experience now if I had stayed in the marketing profession. Please share below. To find brave in your life, join me in my Amazing Career Project online course enrollment is open now for the Spring session and tune into my Finding Brave podcast.

Hi, I like the idea of this post.

How to help a friend with relationship problems

Lack of motivation is a feeling that we may experience from time to time as individuals. From meeting up with friends, to starting a new project or engaging in a hobby we know and love, it can sometimes be hard to find the motivation to actively get involved with activities that are good for your mental health. This is what you said:.

To be effective leaders, we all need good advice, and we need to give good advice to others. Problem is, advice sharing is not as easy as it.

As much as you may love your friends and family, sometimes it’s great to get relationship advice from another source. For instance, there are a lot of resources and apps to use when you need relationship advice. Not only are many of them legit, but they’re also inexpensive or even free. So, using an app like one of the below is like having a therapist in your pocket, and at the touch of your smartphone.

I’d recommend it as a tool for anyone, and as a great starting point for someone newer to the world of therapy. If you, too, are thinking of exploring the world of online and app relationship resources, here are seven to get you started. Mindsail , which launched this year, is a great app for those times you could use a mental pick-me-up. It offers a wide range of resources, from learning how to manage your emotions better to breaking old relationship patterns and habits guilty!

Whether you need help coping with anxiety or sleep issues, Mindsail can help! With the app, you’ll get instant access to expert advice on the topic you’re seeking.

Where to Find Free Relationship Advice

I have worked with countless couples over the past several years on helping them have the most intensely satisfying intimate relationships possible. Couples that are struggling to stay happy because the same issues keep popping up between them… and couples that are already doing quite well and just want to check in for a quick relationship tune up. Takers want ample emotional support. They want lots of physical affection. They want all of the time, energy, attention, and resources that their partner can give them.

But they rarely, if ever, seek out ways to do the same for their significant other.

Because of that, many people have no problem venting out and more, on the best pieces of love advice they’ve learned or give their clients. 3. Spike Spencer, Creator Of “Don’t Kill Your Date (And Other Cooking Tips)”.

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. No matter your status — single , dating, engaged, or married — relationships take work. Soaking up all the wisdom you can from relationship therapists, researchers, matchmakers, and more. Regardless of your personal situation, their words may help you find the key to long-lasting happiness.

Partners should be especially sure that their values match before getting into marriage. Although other differences can be accommodated and tolerated, a difference in values is particularly problematic if the goal is long-lasting love. Another secret for a long marriage: Both partners need to commit to making it work, no matter what. The only thing that can break up a relationship are the partners themselves. Many people assume that just because they are OK without things they want so is their partner.

And when I say simple , I really mean it. Loving relationships are a process by which we get our needs met and meet the needs of our partners too.

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