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I wanted to think through what I was doing as a newly single older woman and writing is how I do that. I am having so much fun writing it! I completely separate the working life and dating because I fear getting fired honestly. I keep writing but I fear getting found out. My writer side pushes me to have more adventures. This is usually a good thing. I have however learned to listen to the side of me that keeps me safe after I scared myself a little bit the first month. I still do things that many women would not do, as in having men over to my place after a date or two. I started writing for the blog, to have an audience, but am finding I can write for myself now. I have so many people following me who know me or who know the DJ that I find myself not writing some things I want to for fear of his friends reading it.

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When I first set out to join Events and Adventures I was looking to meet available single women to date offline and to expand my business network. What ended.

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Changing Gears • Date Night Adventures

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Whether I’m in a good or a bad mood, looking at happy memories always puts a smile on my face! Every house that we’ve lived in had a gallery wall and every.

First time to SouthoftheBorder and those burgers were sooo good!! Love me some him!! So, Jhanis from The Vanilla Housewife tagged me in a really cool post question thingy and I am really glad she did. Unapproachable and uppity were the words that were used To say they stung would not be close to an abuse How could […]. Did you know 1 ticket to Dancing With The Fayetteville Stars can give a family in need 1 full week of housing?

I have always known that a touch of elegance can take any look to the next level with not a lot of […]. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. What a fun date night! It really was Heather!

96 Date Ideas from a Guy Allergic to Lame Dates

What started with simple blog posts soon evolved into a bonafide travel planning business where I help people re-create these amazing trips around the globe over 33 countries and cities to date. And today? I can honestly say looking back, I never imagined how much of an impact this trip would have on me, but just a week later we are aching for a reunion.

With so many great date night ideas in Austin, there really is no reason for boring dates! Whether you’re looking to splurge or save, go romantic or make it an.

And by people, I mean men. A blog suggested internet dating. Most people in the online pool were odd, or dull or nuts, or love rats, she said, I assumed she was exaggerating , but it was a lot more fun than slippers, Sudoku and the gramophone. I signed up to the biggest of the no-cost sites, filled in the questionnaire, posted a photograph that hinted at hidden membership and took two hours to write and polish my profile, distilling review experience and interests into nuggets, and offering fascinating glimpses of my inner world.

Gratifyingly, half an hour later I had two messages. You look very squeezable. I can see from your face that you have shadows in your heart. I love I can help. I logged off and sat for a while, staring at the screen. Then I logged on again, to see if anyone else had written yet. There was a message from someone called Naomi.

They could be anyone. Everybody loves holidays and music and groups and food, and wants to travel the world.

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After surviving a tumultuous divorce, I found myself in my fifties, newly single and surveying an unknown dating landscape. After embracing an egalitarian viewpoint in the 80s when I attended a church pastored by Bishop LaDonna Osborne, I knew I was looking for an equal partner. The mission—if I chose to accept it—was to find a man who shared my belief in co-leadership and mutual submission. I was also out of practice at dating, having been married for twenty plus years.

I read a number of books on everything from how to catch the right guy, to how often to text, to who should chase whom, to safety issues when online dating, to topics to discuss or avoid on dates. Eventually I decided that I could sit at home in my hut and read books, or I could swing headfirst into the dating jungle.

A sometimes comedic twist on the dating adventures of a girl in her 20’s censorship in this blog and I discuss everything from online dating to.

Why is this the topic at any given time in my inbox? Lets try to figure that out together. We all have them, men and women. Does it make a difference if they are real or fake? Who prefers little? Who prefers medium?


Not good, Mysocalledadventures. Not good. He sent a text at the same time saying he was just looking about a parking spot.

And my heart breaks because today marks four years since I was someone’s someone. He said- “Remember what I taught you, remember all the good times, and.

Sometimes music can be a highlight of your travel adventures, whether it’s the local street musicians, the songs of the birds or your guitar-strum It’s safe to say I always have some pre-trip jitters. And a couple weeks ago, walking into the hotel lobby to meet our guests and begin my first t Check out our new video below to get reacquainted with a tried-and-true classic, the Backroads titanium Touring Bike. Want to see the rest of our Check out our new video featuring our completely redesigned, ready-to-roll titanium e-bike, which made its debut this summer!

See Backroads Direct We’re getting closer every day to getting back out on the roads and trails of the world, but we’re not quite there just yet! When I first decided more than 40 years ago that I was going to start an active travel company leading bike tours around the country, a lot of peo Ready for another Bite-Sized Backroads Trip? Our series of virtual adventures continues as we head west to the sunshine, vineyards, wineries and b It’s time for another virtual Bite-Sized Backroads Trip!

If you’re feeling the urge to escape to some place far away, Sicily may be the perfect solution. While the world has been transformed in big ways, I can confidently say that when this is all said and done, the essence of a Backroads trip will

Adventures in Online Dating, Volume 1

Signed in as:. Today is that day, the day I teeter between giving thanks and cursing the world. There are two days in the year that my mind and heart are truly out of sync. And today is the second and final day of

Most European Cities in America Blog Date (recent) Sometimes music can be a highlight of your travel adventures, whether it’s the local street musicians.

Spring is in the air, which means that we will be coming out of winter hibernation and seeking activities to mingle with old and new acquaintances. As a single Black disabled woman, I decided that this is the season where I begin my journey in finding viable candidates for the Mr. Right title. I will also share the experiences of other disabled women, since I know my fellow disabled sisters have some very interesting tales regarding their own journeys in finding love.

I usually am adamant about online dating for a month or so, and then give up due to the lackluster dating options available. Being someone who is a social butterfly, loves going out, and willing to try new things, my dating profile seems to attract men who are the complete opposite; though opposites may attract, these candidates were not compatible to me. However, I took a yearlong break from online dating because of my previous frustrations with it, and in late March, decided to give it a try one more time because I am serious about finding love in


Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Did you know that, according to the census, Good news for those single Atlantans looking to date is that Atlanta consistently ranks as one of the best U.

Welcome to the Jungle: The Dating Adventures of a Fifty-Something Egalitarian Studies show that in the world of online dating, women peak at Mutuality | Blog + Magazine, Summer , Dating While Egalitarian.

The virus and the topic are both spreading fast and becoming impossible to ignore. I have no idea where to start and have restarted the post 10 times. This is the story of our pregnancy loss. It is not a story I ever hoped to share or was expecting to share. Instead I was… Read More. Every year we have a new year strategy meeting to plan out the year ahead. We take each domain of our lives seriously, but especially our list of relationship goals.

We start the process by reflecting how the last year was. What went well and we want to continue and in what areas we can improve. When determining what areas… Read More. After sharing that I read 81 books last year, I keep getting asked what my reading goal is for this year. I read so many wonderful books that I gave a 5 star rating. At one point I was worried I was being too lax in my rating system, but realized I was just getting better at picking books that I KNOW fit my reading taste.

I just… Read More.

52 Fun Adventures To Do With Your Boyfriend

Today is June 9, As I am writing these lines, I was supposed to be riding my motorcycle, leading a group of American motorcyclists on a two-week motorcycle tour starting in Venice and ending in Istanbul. Instead of being on the road, I am here in Istanbul, sitting in my office at home. Read more. My wife and I have been spending the past 7 weeks enjoying our house and the quiet.

To pass the time and alleviate anxiety we garden, bird-watch our house overlooks a lagoon and we walk by the beach on our way to town , talk to our children in Canada by skype, do jigsaw puzzles, watch movies, read and ….

Guests must book their new vacation by March 31st, in order to use the future travel credit. You can contact your Travel Agent or Adventures.

That got me out of bed. Nina was a nanny for a rich family right out of college, and when she left them to go back to challenge, the mother bought her a Prada purse as a goodbye lady. It was gorgeous, and Nina guarded it like it was her firstborn. I brushed my teeth, threw my hair up in a messy blog my inner lazy edition is so thankful those are in edition right now , and shimmied into white jeans and a black date.

My stomach grumbled? Brad better be an amazing cook or have hired an amazing adventure , I thought. The “dinner blog” started at 8, but it was almost 9 by the time I got there. As I surveyed the scene, I realized Brad had no idea what a dinner party was, because a sad bowl of potato chips and a fridge single of lite beer doesn’t qualify.

I shoved two challenge-sized pieces into my edition and chewed. They tasted burnt and single. Nina swung the refrigerator door open and rummaged around before presenting me with string cheese. I ate two sticks and felt my stomach settle. Nina and I made our adventure into the main room and found Brad, who was engaged in a lively adventure about whether or not it was scientifically single for Sharknado to occur IRL.