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The principles simplified behind this type of dating are the following: there are three isotopes of carbon, 12 C, 13 C and 14 C radiocarbon. It is produced in the upper atmosphere through the collision of cosmic rays with nitrogen atoms 14 N. Once an organism dies it becomes isolated from the 14 C source. The ” 14 C clock” now starts because of radioactive decay and the consequent changes in ratio of 14 C to 13 C and 12 C. This change in ratio over time can be used to measure the age of organic samples. Measurable samples have ages of between and 50, years old.

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Benzene is prepared from the sample and its 14C activity (beta-decay) measured by LSC. The benzene is produced as follows: carbon dioxide, obtained by.

Please find the invitation here:. Further information will follow shortly. Forum Finanzmarktregulierung of 18 March Due to guidance of the University and official institutions we regret to inform you that this presentation has to be cancelled. A new date will be communicated as soon as possible. Speaker : Prof. Linda L.

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High-precision time-space correlation through coupled apatite and zircon tephrochronology: An example from the Permian-Triassic boundary in South China. Accurate and precise dating of individual volcanogenic beds that spread across multiple sedimentary successions is a powerful tool to untangle stratigraphic age contradictions, since these horizons are deposited synchronously. We correlate two volcanogenic horizons across six sedimentary sections straddling the Permian-Triassic boundary PTB in the Nanpanjiang Basin South China , including the last Permian bed below the unconformity in shallow-water sections of the Luolou Platform.

We place the PTB in our sections at the marked lithological change in order to avoid the difficulties that arise from the diachronism of the index conodont Hindeodus parvus, the first occurrence of which defines the PTB at the Global Stratotype Section and Point at Meishan.

Accurate and precise dating of individual volcanogenic beds that spread across the same horizon across several sections, and dating the last Permian volcanic event Permanent URL:

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Dear participants. Due to the current situation with the coronavirus, we decided to postpone the workshop until the current situation improves. You will be the first to know as soon as a new date is decided. Stay healthy. Machine learning ML development has grown rapidly in the recent years for a broad set of applications. Because of the state-of-the-art performance achieved and an easy implementation on modern software, ML has become a powerful tool for problem solving in many different fields of science.

To date, the Nobel Prize has been conferred on twelve UZH scholars. Sharing knowledge The academic excellence of the University of Zurich brings benefits to​.

The Future. She has been working for several newspapers in Switzerland, amongst others NZZ, and even had some of her fictional texts published in London Magazine. Following her goal of working independently one day, Denisa has participated the Future. Primarily, there is a preliminary meeting to prove if the attendees satisfy all the required criteria to participate — generally, everybody comes through this.

During this phase, participants are having speed-dating-sessions of five minutes each, with three to four startup companies. Denisa passed through all these phases and is now working for a startup called The Trip Boutique , which is an online platform focussing on personalised travel guidance.

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The geochronology group explores soil and landscape processes using relative and numerical techniques. We use a broad spectrum of methods to date landscape changes and geomorphic surface dynamics. Among these techniques are radiocarbon dating 14 C , 10 Be exposure dating, dendrochronology and others.

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Timing of rockfalls in the Mont Blanc massif Western Alps : evidence from surface exposure dating with cosmogenic 10Be. Landslides, 15 10 Rockfalls and rock avalanches are a recurrent process in high mountain areas like the Mont Blanc massif. These processes are surveyed due to the hazard they present for infrastructure and alpinists. While rockfalls and rock avalanches have been documented for the last years, we know very little about their frequency since the Last Glacial Maximum LGM.

In order to improve our understanding, it is imperative to date them on a longer timescale. In , a larger scale study 20 samples was carried out in five other test sites in the Mont Blanc massif.

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If you have not been at RSL before, you should look up “how to find us”. It serves the purpose of broadening the view on remote sensing related topics as well as fostering international contacts and cooperation. The colloquium intends to address students, staff and visitors interested in remote sensing and related topics. The format of the colloquium is a presentation approx. The presentation and discussion language is English.

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